How to manage time and get sh*t done

Learn how to manage time and get sh*t done!

What is the most valuable commodity in the world above gold, silver, and bitcoin? The obvious answer is time! And yet, it is irresponsibly spent on entertainment, people, and even slacking off. Start off by building a schedule and pre-planning large activities and important events on a calendar. This step is crucial before proceeding further.

1. Time-boxing 

The most straightforward answer to manage a days’ tasks effectively, is using a simple method called timeboxing. The idea is to make time slots for every activity of the day; basically, build a timetable. Believe it or not, it barely takes 10, or even 5 minutes to slot everything in place if a digital calendar is used. Constantly checking the calendar is also not a problem if reminders are set accordingly. 

One book I would recommend to anyone who wants to be more productive in 2021:

Get Sh*t Done Book

2. The 1-minute rule

There are always time-tested strategies lying around for those who find it difficult to discover their own methods and tricks. One such strategy is the 1-minute rule which was invented author Gretchen Ruben, who wanted to help others improve their productivity. The technique is used to minimize the burden of several small responsories, by completing them one at a time in just one whole minute. But there’s a catch! This one-minute task has to be done right away without giving it much thought.  This rule organizes responsibilities, improves work ethic and reduces a huge pile of stress.

3. Eliminate unnecessary tasks

Take as little as 5 minutes of your time and ask yourself the reason why every task in particular ( that is part of your daily schedule)  has to be done in the first place. Write these reasons down on a  piece of paper and eliminate the tasks that are not as important as the rest. Doing this would also increase your motivation to complete the important tasks in your schedule.

This is just a miniature step-by-step guide to help the average joe manage time. For in-depth information about topics such as procrastination and distraction, read the book Indistractable and don’t forget to follow our Instagram account where we post daily content.

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