Decoding the 20-20-20 Rule by Robin Sharma

We get it. There are hundreds of rules out there, all with different ratios, abbreviations, and letters. The question is, which one will truly help you ace it?

The answer is – we don’t know. Each of these strategies and rules is the right fit for different people from different walks of life, lifestyles, and interests! 

But our favorite one so far? The 20-20-20 rule by Robin Sharma. Robin Sharma took the world by storm, instantly rising to fame with his book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” He has spoken extensively about stress management, lifestyle changes. spirituality and more! Some of his bestselling books include “The 5 AM Club“, “Who Will Cry When You Die” and “The Leader Who Had No Title” 

All of them. Masterpieces. His 20-20-20 rule is the perfect way to get started on your “life-changing choices to taking life and its challenges head-on.” Trust us, that’s what we did. It works. 


The 20-20-20 rule is simply a breakup of 60 minutes of your day. It may not sound like much, and thoughts like “I’d rather finish another episode of The Office” or “I need sleep, an hour will help” or “This isn’t the ‘right fit’ for me” will pop up. But this rule is all you need to start with on your road to personal development, and you’ll be well on your way to happiness. 


  • The first 20 minutes 

The first part of the 20-20-20 formula is devoted to intense bodily exercise. Yes, we can hear you groaning. Violently stretching in bed does not work for “intense exercise”, so count that out. Some jogging, cardio, running, or even some Yoga helps you supercharge your body for the day ahead! Apart from boosting your body with much-needed hormones, it also keeps you active, which….we all need. So, get moving, get moving! 

  • The next 20 minutes 

These 20 minutes can be spent in a sweaty heap on your exercise mat, but contemplation is the key. Take these 20 minutes to walk through the day before you, and map out all the things you will be doing that day. The more you plan your day step-by-step, the more focused and on track you will be. Say goodbye to those days that feel like confusing mazes with no goal in front of you! 

  • The final 20 minutes

These 20 minutes are reserved solely for inspiring, fulfilling learning. You can choose to listen to your favorite motivational speaker, a podcast that inspires you, or read a book by your idol! These final 20 minutes clinch the deal on your day’s journey, and will make sure you spend your day as productively as possible! 


There you have it. 20-20-20. An hour is broken up into 3 inspiring, productive chunks. 

Thanks, Robin! Now that you know what to do with the first hour of your day, get going!


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