2 Must-Read Books for Teenagers!

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  1. 2 Must-Read Books for Teenagers

We will share the 2 Must-Read Books for Teenagers in this article. However, before we get to that part, here are the advantages of making reading a book a habit.

Advantages of Reading

Countless teenagers spend a huge chunk of their free time on video games, social media, television shows, and many other entertainment services. Productivity is generally limited to schoolwork or sports and some struggle in their studies too. If teenagers focus on reading information other than classroom assignments, they can make improvements in their lifestyles.

Developing personality, improving work ethic, increasing productivity and efficiency are some of the qualities that can be learned by reading. This could not only help them in their academics but also make them engage in conversations with knowledgeable people. It also shows them how authors put their thoughts, which leads to better writing skills.  Comprehension and vocabulary can also be picked up and these are arguably some of the best perks of reading books.

Every child is different, and may not be interested in some of the subjects taught in school. Interest in a subject is crucial, to increase performance and score higher. Reading books about subjects that you dislike, may help develop an interest in that particular subject very quickly. This is because professional authors write in a very engaging way and many of them are excellent at making their subject interesting and enjoyable to read. This is a huge advantage for those struggling in their studies, as they can quickly gain interest and perform better with more than double the curiosity they had before.

2 Must-Read Books for Teenagers

Indistractable by Nir Eyal

Before starting high school, I was constantly distracted by entertainment services, social media, and video games. I procrastinate

d and never managed to complete my work on time. Stress, boredom, and discomfort were some of my daily problems, and countering them seemed impossible.

One day, I was busy reading an article on my phone and spotted an advertisement for the book Indistractble. I realized that I had deserted reading a year before and never picked up a book ever since. Along with this reason, the book also promised to reduce my problems, if not eliminate them completely. To my surprise, this is exactly what happened!

The book talks about the roots of distraction and that the problems I faced, led me to seek relief and escape the current situation. The author also talks about internal and external triggers. These are the two types of urges that lead to distraction, which get stronger and stronger before they are fulfilled.

The ten-minute rule mentioned by Nir Eyal is one of the best solutions to eliminate distraction. In secondary school, I was procrastinating by adding ten minutes to my break time. Doing this multiple times, led me into a downward spiral and I ended up wasting an immeasurable amount of time.

The ten-minute rule tells you to do the same thing, but with work. The author says that when he got an urge to use his phone, he told himself that it’s fine to give in, but not at that moment. He convinced himself to wait for 10 more minutes every time he got the urge. This method helped me big time and made me perform better in high school!

The ten-minute rule is just one of many ways mentioned by the author, to avoid distraction. In conclusion, he tells the readers to surf the urge of discomfort to avoid distraction.


Rich Dad Poor Dad

I’ve seen many 40 years old people reading this book for financial advice, and let me tell you, this isn’t going to make a huge difference in their life. This book provides simple fundamentals about money that need to be read at a young age.

Kiyosaki tries his best to change the readers’ mindset, but this is nearly impossible for someone who has already lived half their life. Changing one’s mindset about money is the first step to becoming wealthy, and it should be done before starting your career. This is the key reason why I recommend this book to teenagers, instead of adults.

Some of The Keynote of The ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Book

Kiyosaki starts the book by saying that he had two dads who gave him their own thoughts about money. One of them was his friend’s dad and the other was his own dad. Both of them had some key differences that defined their income gap.

His biological father was a teacher and often found it difficult to differentiate between assets and liabilities. He confused his house and car as assets and started accumulating them. So, his poor dad (biological father) had liabilities that were making him poor. On the other hand, rich dad (best friend’s father) had assets that generated wealth.

Oftentimes, Kiyosaki would get confused, and couldn’t decide which dad to follow. One would tell him to study hard so that he could find a good company to work for. On the other hand, rich dad would tell him to study hard so that he could find a good company to buy.

Poor dad would also add that when it comes to money, play it safe and don’t take risks. Whereas rich dad would tell him to manage risk. Although both fathers were educated, they disagreed on what they thought was important to learn. Kiyosaki also recommends investments that could be made at an early age. I found this book very helpful; it helped me change my mindset and give me a new perspective.  

To get a detailed summary of the book, I recommend reading the summary written by roofstock.com.

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