How to Pretend You’re in a Zoom Meeting

zoom meeting

Step One: Record Yourself. 

Create a Zoom room with only you in it, turn your webcam on, and record yourself watching a video on your computer screen. 

Occasionally, nod your head, drink some water and make it seem like you’re listening to the meeting. Record this for at least 3 minutes so that there isn’t an obvious loop.

Step Two: Create a Virtual Machine. 

You can’t mute Zoom and Google Meet without muting your entire device, which sucks if you want to watch a video in another window. The solution is to run another computer within your computer. 

This computer, known as a virtual machine (VM), can do everything a normal Windows or Mac or Linux computer does, including running a Zoom meeting. 

Download a free VM software like VirtualBox. Set up your virtual machine. Download Zoom within the VM. When you join your meet, you can just mute the VM and use your computer as you ordinarily would. (VMs currently do not work on Macs with the M1 chips.)

You can also use another spare computer you have lying around. Or, if you don’t need to use your computer while the meet goes on, you can skip this step in its entirety.

Step Three: Log In

The next step is to log into Zoom or Google Meet. 

Set your virtual background as your pre-recorded video. Yes, instead of being an image, your virtual background can be a video. Cover your webcam with some opaque tape or a sticker. This prevents the software from detecting your face so that only the background will show up.

Like magic, you’re there without really being there.

If you can’t use virtual backgrounds on Zoom, or if you’re using Google Meet, download software that allows you to upload the video onto your webcam feed. SplitCam is a free example. 

Step Four: Spend Your Time Doing Things You Find Meaningful.

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Writer: Heng Yi Ong
Editor: Evelyn Tobing

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