9 simple ways to develop Interpersonal skill

Undoubtedly the interpersonal skill or people skill is one of the key skills to succeed in life. Interpersonal skills or people skills are the ability to connect with people around you, so it is a life skill to be mastered. 

If you cannot connect with people around you, no matter what you do your life will suffer be it professional or personal life. The good news is your interpersonal skills also known as social skills can always be improved.

  1. Smile:

Smile is that natural makeup that not only boosts your confidence but also of the people around you. The positive energy you radiate will attract people to you, so don’t be a mile from smile 😊

  1. Appreciate: 

Don’t underestimate the power of “Thank you”. Recognize even the minor effort of people & express your appreciation. Timely appreciation will encourage the people to give their best in whatever action they are part of.

  1. Observe: 

“I am happy to help a person” is the new normal, adopt the trend. Notice what is happening in the lives of people, figure out how can you add value by addressing their pain points.

  1. Listen:

Don’t just hear, Listen. The sound you choose to hear is to Listen. Practice active listening, people feel good when you acknowledge that their words are heard.

  1. Be a Platform:

Connect the Broken bridges. To the best of your capacity bring people together to 

 create memories, solve conflicts, and sort out their differences.

  1. Choose your words: 

words are a powerful weapon. It can make you as well break if properly not used. what you say and how you say needs your attention. People will open to you when you uncover the similarities. 

  1. Play comedian:

Comedy connects people like no other. People love to laugh as it helps to forget their worries, anxieties, etc time being, so laugh and let laugh. Spread the positive energy.

  1. Practice Empathy:

Empathy is greater than sympathy. Empathy allows you to understand people better, as it positions you in other people’s shoes and creates a change in your perception.

  1. Admit your mistakes:

Action speaks more than words. There is no best way to be sorry other than admitting your mistake. People will never go to a self-claimed perfect individual.

The secret of Life’s success in whatever aspect lies in giving people what they want.

This requires a basic analysis of people around you. Never ignore the materiality of people skills because people may forget you, but they will never forget how you made them feel. The way you are perceived by people plays a significant role in your happiness levels, decides & directs your future of anything (Career, Love or Friendships, etc). Before it’s the too-late, act.

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