Our team at Afford Assets – Geraldine

Geraldine is one of our best influencers who wishes to be featured on Afford Assets. It’s a pleasure to know about her, and we sincerely believe that Afford Assets would be a great platform to promote her content. 


Here’s how Geraldine has answered some of our questions: 


(i) We obviously know your name, but we are craving for your background and achievements. Why don’t you give us a small introduction? 

“I am 26 years old this year. Thankful to say my journey has been pretty smooth sailing so far. Had many mini achievements along he way, bought my first car at age 23 (fully paid), bought my first overseas property at age 24 & bought my first local property at age 26. I feel blessed. “


(ii) Owning a car and two properties at this age is impressive indeed. Would you enlighten us on how you financially support yourself at the moment?

“I’m doing financial advisory work, investments on the side, property rental and other businesses collabs as a form of income to myself.”


(iii) That sounds like a ton of work, Geraldine. And you’re only 26 years old. You would definitely be having more plans in the next ten years. Give us a brief explanation on what your aspirations are for the future.

“Hopefully I will have my business built up, for FA side, to have a team of at least 50 elites and be able to hold large scale events for my clients on an agency level. And personally, I wish to upgrade my property from a condo to a landed. Had a tiny small extraordinary milestone in mind, want to make it to the Forbes mag someday.” 


(iv) We certainly hope you achieve your goals as soon as possible. Knowing that you have already finished a huge chunk of your journey, what is the one advice you would love to give your younger self? 

“Explore into setting up a business when and see how things turn out to be”


(v) Now, last but not the least, what compelled you to get featured on AffordAssets? 

“Inspire others that even a normal person like me can achieve mini successes, so dont think negatively about your ownself”


Before the end of the blog, I would love to thank Geraldine for choosing to be featured on Affordassets.com

Dont forget to check out Gerline’s Instagram Page here!

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