Our team at Afford Assets – Kshitija Desai (Writer)

Kshitija Desai is one of our most qualified and committed writers, and we’re glad to include her as a part of our team. At the same time, it’s a great pleasure to know her and we believe that Afford Assets would be a working platform and equally powerful learning ground for her and other writers who wish to get on board. 


Here’s how Kshitija Desai answered some of our questions: 

(i) We obviously know your name, but we’re also eager to know about your background and what truly defines you as a person. Why don’t you give us a quick introduction? 

Hey, I’m Kshitija Desai, an incoming freshman at Ashoka University, India. On almost any day, you’ll find me visiting museums, galleries and exhibitions and their souvenir shop :D!

I’m a big fan of jigsaw puzzles, treasure hunts, and anagrams! I’m looking to start as a content writer, and have been interning at a marketing firm since the last year. I adore Hindi classic cinema and am a complete outdoors person. Well, not since the past year. I love meeting new people and discussing books, films, food, and trivia! P.S: I have a meme folder with 8000 memes! 


(ii) It seems like you have a huge variety of interests! We believe that with varied interests, comes grasping power. While doing all of this, how do you manage to financially support yourself?

I’m currently interning at a digital marketing firm based in Agra, India, and am loving every minute of it! As a content writing intern, I write content and copies for our client’s social media pages, blog pages, email campaigns, and more! I also pick up a couple of freelancing projects from time to time that involves proofreading and editing website content and blogs. 


(iii) The more you answer our questions, the more you prove how qualified you are! You have proved your ambitious behavior by telling us about the work you do. With that being said, what are your goals and aspirations for the next ten years of your life?

This answer would be completely different if COVID-19 hadn’t been lurking around, but there is a lot I’m looking forward to! I wish to study for the DELF- a French proficiency test, and pick up on the language from when I left in high school! I’m also aiming to develop a solid career plan right after college and work on refining my interpersonal and soft skills! And to top it all, I’m saving up for vacations in the Mediterranean!


(iv) We certainly hope you achieve your goals as soon as possible. Knowing that you’ve already finished a part of your journey, we would love to know the financial advice you would give your younger self.

Save, save, save. This might sound like something every adult would hammer into your head, but saving is a miracle habit. Some loose change you found in your pockets? Put it away instead of spending it on something as trivial as a stick of gum, which you’ll forget about in a day. It sounds crazy, but just a few rupees (or whichever currency your country uses :D) every day or every week adds up to a huge, huge amount in a while. It’s difficult to fight against the nagging voice in your head that says “Spend it, it’s ok if you don’t have this time!”, but once you start splurging, there’s no coming back. So, save as much as you can, but do not be stingy, do not back on things and experiences that are important and impactful, and do NOT hesitate to treat yourself once in a while! 


(v) Now, last but not least, why did you want to get featured on our site? 

I’m looking to start a career as a content writer, and an excellent web presence happens to work wonders for someone just starting!


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